Calculator You can support FacilitAid UK and our projects by hosting an event, completing a sponsored activity or simply by helping us spread the word to friends and family!

Pile of coins If you are looking to submit funds that you've raised on our behalf, or want to learn more about how we fundraise, please get in touch with us.

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Fundraising Events

Anyone can organise a fundraising event with the help of our event pack!

Whether you want to run a coffee morning, a bake sale, a pub quiz night, a charity auction, or something else entirely, we'll be behind you all the way.

Send us your photos and videos on Facebook or Twitter to inspire others!

Man cycling

Sponsored Activities

Grab your friends and work colleagues, or just go it alone, and have some fun whilst raising money for a good cause.

From marathons to sponsored slims, and from shaving your head to a sponsored silence - you can find a sponsorable activity to suit any age or preference.

Download Sponsor Form

This sponsor form is a PDF file - you'll need Adobe Reader to open it.


Social Media

Share your fundraising experiences, photos and videos on social media - let your friends and family know what we are doing.

Your event could inspire others to help us bring free education and clean drinking water to more children in Burundi.


Schools Programme

Your school can help build schools in Burundi as part of our Brick-by-Brick project.

Hold a non-uniform day and get a free Burundi Bear for each pupil. Each £1 raised will provide 4 bricks and build them into a school.

Receive our free resource CD to help with lessons on Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development.

Get in touch with us for more information!

Collection box

Collection Boxes

Small Change,
Big Difference

Since 2005, we've been running our collection box programme.

Simply collect your small change in one of our handy, reusable brick-shaped boxes and when it's full, bank the contents using the slip provided & start again!

To get your Small Change collection box, contact us.

Burundi Bears

"Knit for Bricks"

Who doesn't love cute,
hand-knitted bears?

Burundi Bears are being used to raise funds for FacilitAid around the world!

Make an event out of knitting and exchanging them for donations of £1 or more.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the pattern and the labels the Bears require to comply with UK Trading Standards laws!

Calculator For more information about running events in support of FacilitAid UK, or for further resources, please get in touch.