Our Mission

At FacilitAid we are passionate about education in Africa and are currently focusing on building and equipping schools in the central African country of Burundi.

We have an excellent track record in running sustainable, stakeholder-initiated projects and work in co-operation with the Government of the Republic of Burundi. We choose situations where we can make a genuine, sustainable difference.

We work with local people, so that not only does the end product bring the benefits needed, but also the whole project stimulates the local economy and helps in the empowerment process.


All our projects are built with the future in mind. We build with brick and mortar, to government-approved plans, to ensure the schools remain for decades to come!


In line with the 2nd UN Millennium Development Goal, our schools help achieve free primary education - no-one is excluded!


All our materials are sourced locally and builders and labourers are employed from the local community. This approach stimulates local economic growth.